Correct stencil selection is not just a matter of the technology of the stencil but also the service the supplier can offer.

With an overiding philosophy of get it right first time, Photo Etch Consultants operates its stencil division by responding to customers requirements whether in assisting with stencil design issues or providing stencils on extremely short lead times. We endeavour to minimise the problems that this all important element of the SMT process can present.

Manufacturing capability allows for the manufacture of both Laser cut and Chemically etched stencils, which in their relative applications will produce prints of equal quality and yield.
Laser cut stencils are manufactured in Stainless Steel as this is the bespoke material for most Laser cutting systems. The Etched stencils, however, are manufactured in Nickel Silver, a material that Photo Etch has uniquely promoted for many years.
For applications requiring variable depth in the paste deposit we can provide multilevel or stepped stencils to ensure maximisation of paste process.
For all types of stencil we utilise in process quality control and final stencil inspection reports give the process operative all the necessary information for online SPC and process evaluation.

Laser Cut Stencils
The Laser cut stainless steel option will ensure that the pads printed for devices such as fine pitch QFP’s and Micro BGA’s are uniform across the stencil thus eliminating one of the variables which can cause problems in the printing process.
The quality of a Laser cut stencil is produced by the combination of accurate and speedy positioning of the Laser combined with the quality and power of the laser itself.
We have ensured that the specification of the equipment in our Laser cutting system is the best available in terms of accuracy speed and power. This will ensure that we can provide stencils of exceptional quality at extremely competitive prices with the flexibility to adapt to changes in stencil technology.

Etched Stencils

Etched stencils are still a popular choice due to their low cost in comparison to Laser cut or electroformed varieties but are yet still totally suitable for many printing requirements.
Etched stencils are available in both stainless steel and nickel silver.

Mounted stencils

For printers that use traditional aluminium section frames we can offer both new frames, reconditioned or hold stock of customers own frames.

Foil Only Stencils

PEC distribute the QTS Wizard Tensioning system . This system provides foils with a protective edging to ensure truely safe operator handling.
PEC also manufacture stencils to suit the Zelflex and Tetra/Micromount systens
Other systems are subject to Patent design protection and although some of these systems are available from  Liscenced manufacturers, some of the systems only allow supply of stencils from the Patent Holders which obviously restricts choice in terms of both cost and supplier.

Multi Level Stencils
When a variable thickness stencil is required when can produce ‘Step up’ and ‘Step Down’ or a combination of the both suing our in house etching facility.

BGA Rework
PEC has worked closely with manufacturers  and end users on a variety of novel solutions for the reprint of boards where component removal has been necessary. We are therefore in a position to offer sound advice dependent upon customers particular problems. 

Squeege Blades
We can manufacture squeege blades to your exact specification with significant savings over OEM versions