Photo Chemical Machining has been used for many years for the manufacture of screening cans for EMC/RFI requirements. Photo Etch has over the years of manufacture, arranged its production facility for this product to provide customers with the ultimate service in this product area providing rapid tooling and production coupled to manufacture of parts to the highest levels of quality and fitness for purpose.

Lead Times
The requirement for parts to be manufactured quickly and correct is a growing feature of the demands on our business today. We identify the critical path necessary to facilitate timely deliveries and are always pre-empting problems before they occur.
Parts can be produced for first off testing in a matter of only
HOURS as opposed to days and weeks as is usually the norm with this method of manufacture.

Photo Etch can assist in all aspects of design thanks to its vast experience of manufacturing this type of product for many years. Design elements can include material selection, mechanical form and product finish all based upon the end application that the parts are to be used for.
We have extensive in house CAD facilities but our objective is to optimise the use of data output from customers systems to eliminate transpositions errors whilst at the same time minimising tooling times and cost.

Parts can be manufactured in either small or large quantities with costing based upon the assumption of high volume. We do not have minimum order values and thus costing exclusive of tooling will always be very close to final volume manufacturing costs.
As part of the manufacturing process parts can be supplied in the following ways
Tabbed into process sheet
Supplied Loose
Supplied Loose, formed and packaged to customer specification
Parts can also be kitted into sets in order that they are delivered to the assembly area in the correct quantities and packaging.
The materials most commonly used for the production on shielding parts are as follows:
Nickel Silver
Phosphor Bronze
Mild Steel
Parts can also be manufactured subject to customers material specifications.

Design Features
Form Lines - Form lines can be half etched in order to facilitate the easy bending of parts. This allows flat parts to be supplied to the end user where upon they can be hand formed to their finished development.

Press on : A press on lid allows for easy removal for tuning or replacement of components. A simple sprung finger design allows the lid to ‘grip’ the separate can wall.
Tab fold : Instead of sprung fingers vertical tabs can be incorporated in the wall. The tabs will pass through apertures in the lid and form back to hold the lid in place.

Although we principally supply parts in a flat form, we also offer a service for forming or ‘raising’ of the flat part. This service may necessitate the manufacture of form tools to assist in the development process however we also have many standard tools that will mean no additional tooling charges should be incurred. Subsequent to forming soldering can also be utilised to ensure a completely sealed box or wall.

ESD compliant : At Photo Eetch we recognise the fact that every company has its own policy on the specification of packaging to be issued to the shop floor and can offer advise on the suitability of various package types.
Tape & Reel : Components to be assembled automatically can be provided in a tape or tray format. Designs are normally bespoke to the part required.