Design Led products - only limited by the imagination

Image and style are all important in setting a product apart from the rest.

Combining the etching process - a myriad of finishes - and an unlimited imagination creates unique and exciting products for a variety of applications.

PEC add to the design process when customers are looking for new designs or products.
We uniquely add numerous finishing processes to our standard etch service in order to create new or improved products.

Products we have been involved with from conception to production include:

Business Cards
Signs / Nameplates
Car Dials
Product ID Badges
Decorative / Craft Stencils
Wedding Favors

The range of materials available for these types of products is the same as for our normal components although we are pleased to advise on the suitability of materials in order to find the best specification for the designed purpose.
The etching process is ideally suited to the manufacture of this sort of product and we add our own input to generate new concepts on a regular basis